Is your company future-ready?

Creating sustained value, positive impact, and risk resilience are central to being future-ready, a state with forward awareness about company health and risks. We provide guidance and partnership in meeting this future.

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Enable your EHS/S leaders and teams
to move your organization forward.

Our 360 Perspective Workshop reconnects EHS/S leaders and teams with source principles, creating a transformational learning environment where a new, generative vision blossoms to support the future-ready organization.

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Gain a stronger competitive advantage
and smaller risk profile.

The Redinger 360 Risk Management System™ integrates existing risk management systems to help build a risk-resilient culture, increasing C-suite and board confidence in business continuity and organizational resilience.

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Introducing risk management 4.0 —
an organizational health driver.

Reframing organizational risk management in an organizational health context fuels the future-ready company. Engagement and collaboration increase, silos dissolve, and risk perspective widens.

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A new generation of future-ready metrics.

Traditional metrics—such as total shareholder return, or earnings before interest and taxes—are not enough for the future-ready company. Our R360 Audit Tune-Up service provides a new generation of forward-oriented, risk resilience, and positive impact metrics.

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Companies that are committed to, and strive for, responsible business—that support worker, community and environmental health, while sustaining and growing stakeholder value.


To empower EHS and risk management leaders to bring extraordinary value to their organizations. We provide an evolutionary new perspective on risk management, sustainability, and organizational health which results in assessments and systems of great benefit to risk resilience, the bottom line, and positive impact.

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Free Educational Webinars

Offered as a service to EHS/Sustainability Risk Management leaders and teams to help in their pursuit to expand skills and effectiveness. The 2018 webinar series provides building blocks for transforming and unleashing organizational capacity through Awareness-Based Risk Management™.

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