Building the Future-Ready Company

I am excited to share with you the launch of a new body-of-work at Redinger 360. This work is focused on building Future-Ready Companies, and supporting EHS, sustainability and risk management leaders and teams bring extraordinary value to their organizations.

Future-ready is a term we use to characterize when a company reaches a point where it is providing sustained value, is making positive impacts, and is risk resilient. When future-ready – there is increased ability to anticipate, see, and respond to emerging risks.

Think of this:

  • Are you prepared for the emerging future?
  • Is your company future-ready?
  • And, how do you know?

These questions fuel our work in supporting leaders and teams.

Our 360 Perspective Workshop and Risk Management System are signature services that help build the future-ready company.

The workshop provides a transformational learning environment – where participants reconnect with source principles, reenergize their purpose and focus, and learn system dynamics and organizational learning-based methods that promote collective vision and alignment. In the 360 Perspective Workshop there is a shift in thinking about what is possible in making positive impacts, building risk resilience, and growing value. Participants transform the quality of their attention and awareness about the systems that they operate in, and are accountable for – they gain clarity on what’s been hindering the accomplishment of goals and objectives.

The Redinger 360 Risk Management System provides the vehicle to fulfill on what opens up and is created in the workshop. As a risk-based management platform, the Redinger 360 Risk Management System drives future-ready and risk management 4.0. This framework assists companies to anticipate and proactively respond to emerging risks. It includes sections devoted to organizational learning, systems thinking, and living systems concepts including awareness, context, and renewal. Our risk management system can unify existing ISO-based management systems into one robust RMS; it can also provide a platform for companies who want to pursue a non-ISO approach.

Give us a call to learn how we can support you strengthen Future-Ready at your company.

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