The 360 Perspective Workshop

For EHS and sustainability leaders and teams who want to generate a renewed sense of purpose and effectiveness. 

People and teams operate within a complex web of systems. Increasing complexity, pressure to do more with less, shortening production cycles, transparency and NGO reporting pressures are just a few factors that have made it harder to accomplish goals, meet objectives, and contribute to the company’s mission. There may even be a diminished sense of purpose and effectiveness.

The 360 Perspective Workshop is a transformational three-day workshop that: 

  • Renergizes purpose and focus.
  • Strenthens collaboration, alignment, and creativity.
  • Provides future-based communication tools.
  • Prepares EHS and sustainability leaders and their teams to be drivers in risk management 4.0 and creating a future-ready company.

In the 360 Perspective Workshop, you and your team will:

  • Transform the quality, awareness, and attention about the systems that participants operate in and are accountable for.
  • Generate a renewed sense of purpose.
  • Gain clarity on what’s been stopping the accomplishment of goals and objectives.
  • Learn how to strengthen partnerships through the use of future-based language and communication tools.

With these shifts, effectiveness and impact increase, previous barriers lose hold, and there is a measurable improvements in performance.

Contact us to learn how the 360 Perspective Workshop can support your EHS/S leaders and teams.

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