R360 Risk Management Check-Up

R360 Risk EHS/Sustainability Check-Up™

A proactive, high-level risk management diagnostic, the Redinger 360 EHS/S Check-Up™ (R360 Check-Up™) assesses non-financial risk management as well as EHS and sustainability department health. Like an annual physical, the R360 Check-Up identifies weaknesses, provides data, and recommends actions and strategies—enabling organizations to strengthen overall organizational health.

The R360 Check-Up provides a strong risk management KPI that assists with department turn-arounds, M&A integrations, and post-accident improvement actions. Check-Up findings help CFOs, Corporate Risk Officers/Managers, EHS and Sustainability Executives, Corporate Counsel, and Internal Auditors manage risk, avoid catastrophic events, and provide business continuity assurance. The R360 Check-Up then helps with developing a risk management 4.0 framework and guiding the 360 Perspective Workshop.

Three Check-Up Levels

  • Initial 360 Exam (phone and web-based)
    The Initial 360 Exam includes a detailed questionnaire, organizational risk profile, and phone interviews; analysis and recommendations for reducing risk and improving performance; a web-based follow-up meeting; and a hard-copy report.
  • Core 360 Exam (on-site, 2–3 days)
    Informed by the findings of the Initial 360 Exam, Redinger 360 bases the Core 360 Exam on client goals, using a 500+question database. Conducted at the central (corporate) EHS/S, risk management, or internal audit function location, the Core 360 Exam includes stakeholder interviews, document examination, and visual observation, as needed. Findings and recommendations are reported either in person or via web-based meeting.
  • Comprehensive 360 Exam
    Though the Core 360 Exam is sufficient for many organizations, the Comprehensive 360 Exam is used when it’s necessary to dig deeper into business units, supply chains, or specific stakeholder domains. This exam provides detailed information in specific areas along with assurance verification.

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